Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hello Friends

I've been in Mexico for one week. Last week we stayed with a family who only spoke Spanish. The food was different, so I ate a lot of bread and peaches.

We went to a really old church and explored it.


We saw a Mexican pyramid way up on a mountain.

We also celebrated my 6th birthday with a cake called pasteles con tres leches, or cake of three milks. It was really good!



marytriller said...

Hi Alison!

Hope you liked your birthday card! Your cake looks very delicious.

So now that you have lived a week with the spanish only speaking family, what new words did you learn? What new words has Emily learned?

The old church you saw is beautiful. Was it a high climb to get where you are standing? Those are the things Nana & PopPop like to see when we explore.

Sorry we weren't home or able to answer our cell phones when Daddy called last night. We were visiting with Grandpa Jack and Elaine and didn't hear the phone ring, but we are home and in for the night so try to call us so you can tell us more about what you have been doing.

We miss you and love you.
Nana and PopPop

p.s. Tell Mommy that I have subscribed to your site but I don't get a message when you add a new post. Is it working or did I do something incorrectly? Bye for now.

Paul and Mary said...

Hey Roo....exploring sounds like fun...and sometimes that involves trying new can't live on peaches and bread. Be adventurous, be brave, and try some new things. You just might surprise yourself and like something!!!!!!
Love ya