Saturday, October 25, 2008

Taxco, Mexico


We went to Taxco, a silver-mining town, about 2 hours away from our house. For lunch, I ordered pizza. When it came out it had pineapple and ham on it. Daddy told me it was a hawaiian pizza. I'd never tried that before, but I did and I liked it.



We saw a really big church. The inside was covered in gold. Everything was covered in gold! It was really pretty.

We went to a lot of shops and in one, we found a present for my Nana. I picked it out, all by myself.


At the square, we met a guy named Juan Carlos who drew pictures of people. He drew a picture of me and my sister Emily, it's called a caricature.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008



This is me and the pyramids of Xochicalco far away. We walked over to them and went climbing and exploring.


I got to climb to the top of a couple with my Mommy & Daddy.


We found an opening in the pyramid and thought we could go in, but it was closed off on the inside. We took pictures though.


My favorite part of our visit was climbing the pyramids. My dad climbed up a really big one, it didn't even have steps! Xochicalco was a really cool place to visit.

Friday, October 10, 2008

They said it was for 12 years and up!

Sarai & Alison w/ the finished puzzle

Today I finished my first 1000 piece puzzle. I started it with my Mommy before she went to Nicaragua last Friday and while she was gone, Miss Jacqueline and Sarai, our nanny, helped me with it. It was really tough, but a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mexico City

This is my friend Brayden in me on the way to Tezpotlan. We like to play chess together. He and his family are living at the base with us. They are going to be missionaries in Thailand.

Cuernavaca Week 3 237

Cuernavaca Week 3 238

Sometimes we're silly.


This is me at the Centro Joyeria in Mexico City. It's a big jewelry store with five floors. We looked at earrings for Emily. We bought some and she cried a lot when Mommy and Daddy changed her earrings.


This is me and the garden at the Soculo in downtown Mexico City. It's a big square surrounded by the President's palace, shops and the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. It's decorated for Independence Day.


This is the cathedral. It was really pretty and really big.

The last few days my Mommy and Daddy have been in Nicaragua and Emily and I have been at the base with Miss Jacqueline. We went to the park and jumped on trampolines, I threw up in the van, we went to McDonald's, we watched some movies and got to eat pizza. Mommy got back last night and Daddy comes back on Saturday night with everyone else. I miss him.

Thursday, October 2, 2008



I saw a pyramid on top of a giant mountain. I paid 3 pesos - that's money in Mexico - to look through the telescope. It was different than regular pyramids and not pointy.

We could have walked but it would have taken us over an hour and Emily is too little.